The lab has applied for and registered intellectual property rights in an effort to
secure key source technologies
for technology research and product development.
Regarding major technologies, we are making efforts to contribute to the development of the automobile industry by publishing research papers.

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Intellectual Property Rights Obtained

ITEM Patent Design
Door trim 763 126
Seat 183 109
Interior parts 441 71
Exterior parts 197 24
Others 61 18

Total (1,993)

1,645 348

Intellectual Property Rights Obtained

Intellectual Property Rights Applied

Intellectual Property Rights
Application/Registration Date Management No. Title of Property
2023-12-19 (CN) 108001376 B Foamed integral injection molding structure and method including IEL seat
2023-03-23 (DE) 102016124540 Polypropylene composite resin composition with excellent tactile sensation, rigidity, and dimensional stability
2023-10-25 (IN) 461686 Compound composition for automotive interior materials using natural fibers
2023-10-10 (BR) 102018014507 Automotive interior material and method for manufacturing the same
2023-07-06 (DE) 102018211954 Wireless charging storage compartment for smartphones in automotive consoles
2023-01-06 (CN) 201910903038.2 Friction hinge device
2023-03-30 (DE) 102020201782 Automotive door varnish
2023-01-13 (CN) 2020111025522.4 Manufacturing method of radar wave penetration type cover
2023-05-05 (CN) 202011014112.4 Door trim and its molding device and molding method
2023-04-25 (US) 11634030 Smart garnish for automobiles
2023-03-21 (US) 11608013 Trunk trim for automobiles
2023-05-02 (US) 11639136 Storage device for vehicle doors
2023-10-10 (US) 11780390 Next-generation bumper cover with collision structure clip structure
2023-10-03 (US) 11775089 User interface device
2023-11-30 (RU) 2808639 Manufacturing method of 3D curved surface film heater
2022-11-17 (DE) 102016201920 Structure for fixing the inside handle assembly
2022-11-17 (DE) 102016201931 Vehicle door trim module with reinforced stiffening plate overmolded
2022-10-04 (KR) 10-2453898 Package tray with improved sound absorption performance and lightweight, and method for manufacturing the same
2022-08-11 (DE) 102017214080 Compound composition for automotive interior materials using natural fibers
2022-09-08 (DE) 102017122478 Automotive interior material and method for manufacturing the same
2022-06-21 (CN) 109747387 B Surface heating element and method for manufacturing the same
2022-05-17 (US) 11331837 Molding device and method for automotive interior materials
2022-04-01 (CN) ZL201910965227.2 Soundproofing carpet
2022-03-22 (US) 11279064 Foam injection molding device and method
2022-08-01 (KR) 10-2429508 Friction hinge device
2022-04-01 (CN) ZL2019104524333 Vehicle cup holder
2022-02-11 (KR) 10-2363856 Polycarbonate glazing for vehicles and method for manufacturing the same.
2021-08-12 10-2291216 Composite materials and manufacturing methods thereof for automotive interior materials
2021-08-10 10-2290519 Plastic glass for windows and manufacturing methods
2021-08-10 CN 110435074 Economical wood grain film and manufacturing methods of molded products using the same
2021-07-06 10-2276019 Automotive morphing-type power window switch device
2021-04-16 CN 107914649 Hinge unit of automotive center console armrest
2021-03-02 10-2224431 Automotive bumper with back beam containing composite materials applied
2021-02-18 10-2219658 Heating device and manufacturing methods thereof for automotive shroud
2019-04-08 10-2100979 Automotive ambient lighting devices
2019-06-04 10-1987878 Automotive cargo covers
2019-06-03 10-1987003 Motorized sliding center consoles of automobile
2019-04-01 10-1966151 Manufacturing methods of molded products including wood grain film
2019-02-01 10-1946807 Manufacturing methods of composite material structures including real material films

※ Numerous patents, utility models, and design rights obtained in addition to the above

Year of Publication Place of Publication Title of Papers
2023 Autumn Annual Conference of KSNVE Development of Plastic Environmental Condition Properties and Analysis Techniques for BSR Degradation Evaluation
2023 Spring Korean Acoustical Society Meeting Development of Realistic Vehicle Simulated DOOR TRIM Component BSR Verification Test Method
2022 Hyundai Motor Group A case study on the development research of BSR testing method considering environmental operability and durability
2021 Korean Society of Automotive Engineers Automotive door frame inner cover BSR improvement research and test method development case
2020 Korean Society of Automotive Engineers BSR prior verification process research through door panel contact point analysis
2020 Korean Society of Automotive Engineers Risk determination method for predicting automotive interior material squeak joints
2020 Korean Society of Automotive Engineers Research on deformation analysis method after injection of automotive interior parts
2020 Korean Society of Automotive Engineers Center console head impact effect analysis research to satisfy the safety performance of rear-seat passengers
2019 Korean Society of Automotive Engineers Door panel tolerance analysis reliability improvement research through the establishment of the distribution of plastic materials
2019 Korean Society of Automotive Engineers Mold transfer process using sensor technology and injection quality DB standardization technology
2019 Japanese Society of Automotive Engineers Study on Squeak and Rattle Simulation Method of Door Trim of Automobile
2018 Acoustical Society of Korea Durability test method development and improvement research for fundamental improvement of door panel grip handle friction joint
2018 Korean Society of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Effect of chemical treatment of bamboo fiber (BF) on the physical properties of BF and PP/BF composites
2017 SAE Study on Cycle Time Reduction of Injection Molding Using 
2017 Korean Society of Automotive Engineers Research on improvement of productivity of automotive interior parts with diffusion bonding technology
2017 Korean Society of Automotive Engineers Research on thermal analysis technique for cold and hot automotive cup holders using commercial tools