As a respected global company in a rapidly changing business environment, we will strive for changes and innovation in each area of Environment (E), Social (S), and Governance (G) to secure trust from all stakeholders and to meet corporate value changes and needs as follows.

  • Environment

    Eco-friendly Management Innovation

    • Eco-friendly product development
    • Carbon emission reduction management
    • Water quality and air environment management
    • Waste reduction activities
  • Social

    Internalization of Responsible Management for Society

    • Respect for human rights and diversity
    • Safety and health
    • Partner and supply chain management
    • Expansion of social contribution
  • Governance

    Improving Transparency and Efficiency

    • Independence and role of the board of directors and audits
    • Sustainability
    • Corporate risk management
    • Corporate ethics and anti-corruption

Yongsuk Kang,

CEO of Seoyon E-Hwa Co., Ltd.