Social Contribution


At Seoyon E-Hwa, we are carrying out activities for the development of the local community and for the underprivileged with the voluntary participation of our employees.
We will do our best to become a socially responsible and trusted company moving forward.

  • Local Community Contribution Activities

    Seoyon E-Hwa is helping the vulnerable in the local community through COVID-19, flood damage, and family difficulty assistance activities. We will continue to practice hope-sharing activities with the voluntary participation of Seoyon E-Hwa, partner companies of the Seoyon E-Hwa Cooperative Association, and in-house clubs.

    • Donation from Seoyon E-Hwa and Seoyon E-Hwa Cooperative Association

    • Donation to recipients of basic living

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  • Regular Volunteer Activities by In-house Clubs

    At Seoyon E-Hwa, we have been conducting regular volunteer activities for local communities through in-house clubs and individual participation.

    • Muryongsan Keeper: Ulsan “Volunteer Service for Village Alley Cleanup Project” and many others

    • Lantern Volunteer Association: Ulsan “Volunteer Service for Residential Environment Improvement, Facility Visits, and Environmental Cleanup” and many others

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  • Fundraising to Help Neighbors

    Through fundraising events by in-house clubs and the cooperative association, we have been conducting activities to support low-income families and recipients of basic living in the local community with the direct participation of our employees.

    • Fundraising activities to help the underprivileged

    • Change donation activities​

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  • Establishment and Support for Seoyon Academic Award

    To encourage the development of the automotive industry through academic development, academic activities, and human resource development in Korea, we signed an MOU with the Korean Society of Automotive Engineers and established the Seoyon Academic Award.
    Starting with the first Seoyon Academic Award in 2016, we have been continuously providing support to this day, and we are supporting a fund of KRW 10 M every year.

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