Differentiated technologies are applied in relation to the manufacturing of our
products for the performance / quality / reliability required by customers.

  • New Automobile Development Process

  • Key Customer Requirements

  • Production Technology Capability

  • Company-wide Resource
    Management Capability

Countermeasures to Key Customer Requirements

Securing customer trust by achieving quality goals through pre-verification (Four Major Tasks, VOC)

  • Injection Technology

    • Automatic product extraction/weight measurement/Gate cutting using articulated robots, Managing resin through barcode system
    • Injection Automation

    • Resin feeding by barcode info

    • Automatic Opening of Material Tank

    • Automatic Color Change

  • Molding Technology

    • Cold/Hot Forming : product pressing forming through preheating NVH item material and pressing
    • Waterjet cutting and Automatic transfer :
      Using formed SOFT TRIM, automatic transfer for cutting the product and f/proof system
  • Painting Technology

    • BUMPER and In/Exterior
    • Vision Inspection

    • Plasma flame treatment

    • Painting Automation

    • Painting Inspection

  • Assembly Technology

    • Plastic Bonding
    • Halogen

    • Ultrasonic Welding

    • Hot Air

    • Automatic Product Transfer System (conveyor)
    • MMC
      (Mono-rail Modular conveyor)


    • OVAL

    • Inspection System
    • Vision Inspection Using UR Robots

    • Vision scanning inspection

    • System TOOL
      (Tapping screw torque management)

  • Logistics Technology

    • SEAT Automatic Loading
    • Door Trim Automatic Loading/Unloading by using AGV
    • Automatic Equipment Specification Change by using AMR

Seoyon E-Hwa Network System

Project Schedule Management Using Company-wide Resource Management

  • 01    PDMProduct Data Management
  • 02    SCMSupply Chain Management
  • 03    MESManufacturing Execution System
  • 04    GQMSGlobal Quality Management System
  • 05    ERPEnterprise Resource Planning
  • 06    GPMSGlobal Project Quality Management System
  • 07    SIMSSeoyonehwa Intellectual Management System