Seoyon E-Hwa 2050 Carbon Neutrality


Seoyon E-hwa is committed to realizing Carbon Neutrality
through Eco-Friendly management innovation

Carbon Neutrality Vision & Plan

Realization of an Eco-Friendly Green Company
Global Auto Parts Supplier
 Contributing to Sustainable Ecosystem

Energy Saving

  • Introduction of Intelligent Facility
  • Improving Efficiency of Manufacturing Processes
  • Eco-Friendly Production Processes

Strategic Activity

  • Emission Quantity Inspection
  • KPI Management
  • Development of Green Products


  • Vision Dissemination
  • Support for Partners
  • Cooperation of Reduction Activity

Seoyon E-Hwa Carbon Neutrality Road Map

Seoyon E-Haw will identify and implement action plans to achieve Carbon neutrality by 2050

Roadmap 2024 ~ 2030 (Phase I) 2031 ~ 2040 (Phase II) 2041 ~ 2050 (Phase Ⅲ)
Expansion of green products and
establishment of emission reduction foundation
Mission reduction performance Management
across all facilities
Achieving carbon neutrality
including supply chain

Expansion of green products

Development of carbon neutrality strategies and roadmap

Enhancement of carbon neutrality response across
all facilities

Effective emission reduction management for
carbon neutrality

Establishment and operation of carbon neutrality response including supply chain

Operation of climate response and
carbon neutrality department
Expansion of carbon neutrality department oversight
(all facilities)
Enhancement of carbon neutrality department oversight
(all facilities and partners)
Establishment of greenhouse gas inventories
across all facilities
Enhancement of greenhouse gas inventory syste
(GHG protocol compliant)
Management of greenhouse gas inventories including supply chain

* Please refer to the sustainability report for detailed information on greenhouse gas emission reduction targets and roadmaps