HR System


Evaluation System

At Seoyon E-Hwa, we conduct fair and transparent evaluations from multiple angles, such as objective performance evaluation using the MBO model, individual effort and potential in the process of reaching the goal, and organizational evaluation that extends to a macro view of not missing the forest for the trees.

  • Organizational Evaluation

    In addition to individual evaluation, we conduct organizational evaluation from a management perspective.

  • Individual Evaluation

    Performance Evaluation

    We conduct evaluations using the Management by Objective (MBO) model.
    Subordinates decide their goals in consultation with their superiors, and the superiors evaluate them objectively based on their performance.

  • Competency Evaluation

    In addition to performance management, we conduct evaluations of individual potential.
    In addition to objective performance, items such as voluntary competency development efforts, sincerity, and the cooperative spirit of organizational members are evaluated using random multifaceted evaluations.

Compensation System

To ensure that employees who achieve high performance are properly compensated, differential compensation is provided according to their contribution level, and appropriate rewards are given according to suggestions for excellent ideas for organizational development or achievements to improve job commitment.

  • Annual Salary System and Performance Compensation

    We operate an annual salary system above the manager position to ensure fair compensation according to individual contribution, such as differential performance distribution according to individual ability and performance.

  • In-house Reward System

    By operating regular reward systems, employees who set a good example for others, employees with outstanding achievements, and suggestions for excellent ideas are presented with citations and valuables to inspire reward and pride.

  • Promotion Point System

    In order to operate a fair and reasonable promotion system, we are operating a promotion point system. Breaking away from the seniority bonus, which is promoted only after a certain tenure or years of service, points are earned according to performance and competency, and promotions and roles are fairly granted to employees with high performance and competency.

Talent Development

In order to “nurture automotive experts with integrated thinking and a global mind of the highest level,” we are operating an independent HR Development Center and Technical Training Center to provide abundant support to improve the capabilities of our employees.

  • HR Development Center

    The Seoyon E-Hwa HR Development Center is equipped with lecture rooms including accommodation facilities and provides training for new hires/leaders/common competency.

  • Technical Training Center

    The Technical Training Center provides training for the purpose of improving the technical competency of the employees of Seoyon E-Hwa/affiliates/partners.

Seoyon E-Hwa is conducting various education programs to nurture global talents who will lead the future, centering on the Human Resources Center and the Technical Education Center.

  • Adaptation for New Hires/Experienced Hires

    For new/experienced hires who are starting a job as a Seoyon E-Hwa member, we conduct vision and talent/organizational introduction/process/leadership/on-the-job training for 1-2 weeks to improve organizational adaptation.

  • Leadership Development

    Various leadership training is being conducted to improve R&R as senior/junior managers/working staff based on the leadership pipeline.

  • Mentoring

    Through 1:1 mentoring activities with new hires and senior employees, we are doing our best to improve organizational adaptability and expand human networks.

  • Job Competency Development

    Various job technical training courses such as cost/injection molding/CATIA/process are operated by our excellent in-house instructors, and we are supporting the development of job competency in the field.

  • Basic Competency Development

    We provide training to our employees on matters fundamentally necessary for job performance as an organizational member, such as negotiation/conflict management/reporting/coaching/organizational understanding.

  • Expat Nurturing

    We are nurturing excellent overseas personnel through various methods and support such as training courses for overseas expatriate candidates/pre-appointment/after returning/overseas transfer.


At Seoyon E-Hwa, we pursue the work-life balance and happiness of our employees by operating various welfare programs.

  • Flexible Work System

    With a flexible work system, individual commuting and work hours are flexibly managed to maximize work efficiency and realize Work and Life Balance.

  • Leaves

    Those who work hard deserve a vacation! We provide adequate rest and compensation with a separate summer vacation (once a year) and leave pay, as well as rest for the mind and body exhausted from work with a refresh system.

  • Support for Education of Children

    We provide support for early childhood education and admission fees, and for children in high school and university, we provide full tuition support. We also have daycare centers available at some workplaces.

  • Housing Stability Support

    We provide housing purchase and lease funds for employees' housing stability. We also operate an in-house labor welfare fund to provide emergency living expenses.

  • Health Examinations and Medical Expenses

    For the health management of employees and their families, regular health examinations are supported, and medical expenses for diseases and injuries of employees and their families are partially subsidized.

  • Congratulates and Condolences

    Congratulations and congratulations allowance, equipment, and leave are available in the event of congratulations and condolences of employees, such as weddings, funerals, etc.

  • Resorts

    Summer resorts are operated for free, and resort accommodation is provided.

  • In-house Clubs

    For work-life balance, we operate in-house clubs and support activity expenses.

  • Various Conveniences

    For the pleasant working life of our employees, we operate an in-house cafeteria and support the commuting bus and fuel costs for commuting. In addition, long-term service rewards and overseas training are supported, and various gifts such as for birthdays are provided.

  • Workation

    Improve work efficiency and realize a Work & Life Balance by introducing a work system that allows you to work and vacation at the same time where you want.