R&D Center

The R&D Center fosters employees who strives to elevate Seoyon E-Hwa into World Class Auto Parts Supplier.

Research & Development Strategy


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Research Area

Product Design System

Process Research

Seoyon E-Hwa is a leading company in total interior parts for automobiles, and thus, manufacturing methods are integral to our success. Manufacturing process includes mold making, forming, assembly and application of the above to mass production.

Material Research

Material Development Trends

New Material Development (Process)

1) Review new material and
establish development plan
2) Assess material and produce sample
3) Environmental testing
4) Final technical evaluation
5) Revise and apply material specifications
to part drawing
6) Apply to mass production


At each stage in the development process, Seoyon E-Hwa is carrying out pre-verification activity such as analysis, assembly verification, assessment of harmful factors etc. on parts by means of ‘CAE’ and ‘DPA’ technology. After part development, we aim to minimize potential failure cost through ‘BSR assessment’, ‘ES testing, ‘side impact testing’.

Applied field and effect

1. CAE(Computer Aided Engineering)
1) Structure and dynamic interpretation
- Analysis of flexural/torsional/modal characteristics of door trims, bumpers, pillars, and seats
- Analysis of static stiffness and non-linear strength of various parts to prevent vibration noise etc.
- Optimization of head lining & pillar trim structure for FMH satisfaction
2) Mold Flow Analysis
- Analysis of optimal molding conditions through gate position and clamp force examination
- Analysis of cooling channel optimization for optimum cooling temperature and minimization of cycle time
- Improvement of product surface problems (BURR, WELDLINE, SINK, FLOW, SILVER etc.)
2. DPA(Digital Pre-Assembly)
- Verification of assembly : Planning data quality improvement through verification of data and tool interference/part workability
- Assessment of harmful factors: Prevention of musculoskeletal disorder through workability assessment when assembling parts
3. Test & Evaluation
- BSR assessment : Structure optimization for minimization of squeak & rattle noise
- ES test : Interpretation of vibration for avoiding resonance of interior part and suspension seat
- Side Impact test : Door trim and IP & seat structure optimization for securing impact safety

BSR assessment

ES test

Side Impact test


- Vision model development.
- Joint projects with customer.
- Design proposals for customer.
Ideation and Concept
Research and idea -generation
Requirement analysis
Design and Styling
CAS modeling
Real-time visualization
Studio Engineering
Clay modeling
Hard modeling
1:1 scaled modeling

Research Performance

IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)

Method for manufacturing NATURAL CORK FILM (JP 2016-226934)
A foam-injection moding structure including EL sheet and method thereof (US 15/478,780)
Apparatus for adjusting height of seat for vehicle (DE 2011-798345)
Hinge unit of console armrest for vehicle (US 15/458,148)
Sliding armrest for vehicle (US 15/461,612)
Door trim module of vehicle overmolded with strength plate (CN 201610080174.2)
Light-weight multi-layer substrate and manufacturing method (US 14/555,999)
Wiring harness assembly of door module (US 15/014,162)
Apparatus for assembling door trim of car (KR 10-2004-0027795)
– and over 2000 applications and 1200 registrations

Research Paper

A Study on the Reliability of Door Trim Tolerance Analysis through the Distribution of Plastic Materials(KSAE 2019)
Standardization of Mold Transfer Process and Injection Quality using In-mold Sensor Technology (KSAE 2019)
Study on Squeak and Rattle Simulation Method of Door Trim of Automobile (JSAE 2019)
Study on durability test method for improvement of door trim grip handle friction noise (ASK 2018)
Influence of the Chemical Treatment of Bamboo Fiber (BF) on Physical Properties of BF and PP/BF Composites(KSIEC 2018)
Study on Cycle Time Reduction of Injection Molding Using (SAE 2017)
Improvement of Cycle Time in Automobile Interior Parts using Diffusion Bonding Tech n ology (KSAE 2017)
A Study on Method of Thermal Analysis using Commercial Tool for Cooling and Heating Cup Holder System of a Vehicle (KSAE 2017)
– and over 40 thesis presentations