Company Information

“Global Auto Parts Supplier”with a salient presence in both the domestic and global automotive industries.

Starting from the production of interior goods for the Pony in 1972, Seoyon E-Hwa has become a company that specializes in door trims, head lining, covering shelves, package trays, screen assemblies and pillar trims.

It has solidified its place in the global market through aggressive overseas investment even during the Asian Financial Crisis. It has also been recognized for its high quality products and advanced technology by obtaining the ‘Grand Quality 5 Star’ in 2011. This was the result of rigorous quality control with the determination to supply top quality products to customers.

Seoyon E-hwa is devoted to securing competitiveness through technological innovation. With excellent researchers, and proactive investment in R&D, it is equipped with up-to-date facilities to conduct research on product design, material development, and assessment.

Seoyon E-Hwa invests its utmost efforts into becoming the “Global Auto Parts Supplier,” with a renowned status in the global automotive industries as well as in Korea, based on customer-satisfaction through creative management that respects humanity.


The global automotive industry with recent rapid changes is demanding new challenges and innovations from corporations.

SEOYON E-HWA is committed to responding to these changes and becoming a leader of the future automotive technology.
The growth drivers of our company, which has established 23 corporations (41 factories) since it’s foundation in 1972 and become a Global Auto Parts Supplier, are the spirit of challenge to changes and the continuous development of technology.

First of all, in order to improve the internal management environment, we will lead profit-oriented work efficiency and the staff’s mindset to the future organizational culture by inspiring with the wind of change.
To secure superiority in price and technology, we will make efforts to improve profit and loss by establishing small production lines for multiple types of vehicles and reorganizing overseas businesses.

Also, to increase sales and promote new businesses, we will continue to expand our business areas by strengthening our existing customers’ participation in global projects and their new sales activities, for which we will convert to an intelligent manufacturing plant. This means digital transformation from traditional human-based cognitive and sensory decision making to data and information-based one.

In an era where the social needs and roles of companies are growing, the management will accept and support the philosophy of ESG management to switch to ESG management. At the same time, we will help the employees understand and practice it so that they absorb it internally as well.

Our company is and will be a Global Auto Parts Leading Supplier who leads the future automotive parts technology in the future with the strongest competitiveness based on the changes that all employees earn through their constant passion and challenges.

Thank you.

CEO Kang Yong Suk



Dec. 2020 Won KIPO Commissioner Prize at 2020 Korea Invention Patent Exhibition(Korea Intellctual Property Office)
Nov. 2020 Excellent thesis award for BSR Improvement Research Contest(H/KMC)
Nov. 2020 Won Gold Medal at 46th National Quality Team Competition(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
Nov. 2020 Selected as a company with excellent quality competitiveness (13 consecutive years)(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
May. 2020 Awarded the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy prize at 14th Ulsan Automobile Day
Apr. 2020 Changed the location of the head office (Anje Tower in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul → Seoyeon Group R&D Center in Gwanyang-dong, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do)



Management Philosophy
We contribute to the happiness of mankind by creating the best products and services based on the best human resources.
First-class company with more than two of the world’s most competitive businesses in 2030.