New Year Kick Off meeting for 2020
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                  Seoyon Group held a New Year Kick-off ceremony in 2020, with the attendance of group executives at Seoyon R&D center

                  host by the chairman Ryu Yangseok on 3rd Jan 2020.


                  In his New Year's address, Seoyon Group Chairman Ryu Yangseok supposed three management tasks below

                  penetrating the upcoming year of 2020.


                  ▲ Cash flow-driven management

                  Mr. Ryu ordered that Seoyon group should put top priority on cash that will maintain the business rather than

                  dwelling on external figures such as sales and operating profit rates.

                  However, he clarified that investment for the group’s future would been decided and rapidly executed on the basis of

                  a thorough profitability analysis.


                  ▲ Strengthening manufacturing competitiveness
                  The chairman ordered to enhance the competitiveness of production and sales activities, which is the basis for generating


                  In addition, he recommended that Seoyon group should refrain from low-priced orders and promote the efficiency of the

                  business process with an emphasis on reducing sales costs in order to increase the original competitiveness of our business.


                  ▲ Improving the level of management of overseas subsidiaries

                  Mr.Ryu ordered to strengthen the management of overseas subsidiaries, which were relatively loose compared to those in

                  Korea in the past.

                  He emphasized that it is necessary to expand the separated control of non-production sectors and reduce the risk derived

                  from personal deviation or complacency of organization.


                  Lastly, Chairman Ryu Yangseok, quoting a proverb, said that we should know ourselves better than ever and take an effort

                  to improve our structure according to a proper solution for this year.



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