2019 Smart Factory Awards Korea, Automotive Interior Material Division, Manufacturing Innovation Award
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In recent years, manufacturing innovation and cultivation of the future food industry are emerging as current issues for local governments, and the expectations for ‘smart factories’ to grow as a new growth engine for the Korean manufacturing industry are increasing. In addition, institutions and companies that are leading the dissemination of smart factories in various fields are contributing to the improvement of the Korean manufacturing industry and technological advancement. In addition to industrial development through base expansion, the necessity to preoccupy the market by securing global business competitiveness is increasing.


As a result, the Smart Factory Award Korea Committee has selected persons, institutions and enterprises of merit with great achievements in the development and technological innovation of the domestic manufacturing industry based on excellent product competitiveness and management capabilities, and in order to serve as a model for the development of the Korean manufacturing industry, the '2019 Smart Factory Award Korea' was established, with the awards ceremony being held at the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center on September 18.


The awards were mainly divided into the achievement division, local government division, public sector division, solutions division, and introduction/operation division. In the introduction/operation division at the recent '2019 Smart Factory Awards Korea' even, which was established to commemorate the achievements of companies that introduced smart factory solutions, the SEOYON E-HWA Ulsan Plant was awarded in the Automotive Interior Materials Category.


Organized by the Smart Factory Awards Korea Committee and hosted by Industry News and FA Journal SMART FACTORY, the awards were awarded following judgment of candidates in each category nominated by experts that are leading the field of smart manufacturing.


SEOYON E-HWA Ulsan Plant has been promoting technology-related R&D, including national projects since 2013, and from the second half of last year to the first half of this year, we carried out the project "Establishment of MES System Construction for Production Facility Self-Diagnosis Information Aggregation", which is a national project implemented by the Public-Private Joint Smart Factory Promotion Board, and we were awarded due to the nomination of Ulsan Techno Park.


Meanwhile, the people, organizations, and enterprises that were awarded at the '2019 Smart Factory Awards Korea', received plaques, certificates, and official emblems.

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