Seoyon Group, New Year Kick Off meeting for 2018
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Seooun Group held a ceremony in 2018, with the attendance of group executives at Seoyon R&D center host by the chairman Ryu, Yang-Seok on 3rd Jan 2017.


Seoyon Group Ryu, Yang-Seok announced 3 agenda to overcome uncertain management environment both inside and outside of this year through New Year's Day


Mr. Ryu emphasized that it is definitely necessary to attract global customers and build our own structures of technologies and process for satisfying global customers is new task of Seoyon Group in order to enhance our business and finally it will be ultimately the way of satisfying the existing customer.


In addition, he added that Seoyon group should diversify the business portfolio in accordance with the 4th Industrial Revolution era and actively seek out the food of future Seoyon to prepare for the change of future industrial landscape.


And throughout unified IT systems, Seoyon group should use the same business language and reduce unnecessary waste.


Finally, the chairman, Mr. Ryu Yang-seok, said, "Based on the glorious past that we have achieved, we must build up our new competencies in a new era and ask for ourselves to be faithful to the fundamentals.

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